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Drake Admits He’s Only A Studio Singer

Posted By on July 1, 2010

     Young Money's new star Drake recently talked about possibly giving up rapper to be an R&B singing star. The more he thought about it, Drake realized that rapping is his real talent. "I could never really take singing on the road the way I can take rapping on the road. I can't get on stage and blow people away with my range and vocals. I'm a studio singer because I can convey emotion and I have unique melodies, so that's kind of what I pride myself on, but that's where it stops. I make music more for people to listen to rather than to hold me as an R&B artist. Not to wish that I couldn't sing better. If I could sing like Trey [Songz] then yeah, I'd definitely just want to be a singer. If I could do anything, trust me, I wish I could just sit at the piano and sing."

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