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Drake’s Kanye-Directed Tittie Video

Posted By on July 2, 2009

    Drake recently debuted his new Kanye West directed "Best I Ever Had"
[watch here] video. "Basically we decided, as opposed to taking ourselves super serious, we just wanted to have some fun with it. Myself, being a young man, a young single man at that, I kind of wanted to be real about the way I function with women at this current point in my life. Which is, I don’t have one woman that I call my girl. There’s different girls in my life that play different roles and I see at different times, but collectively they kind of make up the roster of happiness for me [Laughs]," Drake said [watch here]

    Drake recently talked about why he signed with Lil Wayne's Young Money label. "I plan to work with Wayne for the rest of my career, so I think it’s a smart career move," he said. [watch here] "You know, everybody else [on Young Money] will hopefully work out the situations, get the right people on the album. I think it was important for me to show him that I believed in him as much as he believed in me. Because a lot of months he stuck his neck out there for me, you know with [performing with Drake on the BET Awards Sunday], and then ‘Ransom’ and all the songs that we put out. And the things he would say in interviews, he really put himself out there for me. So I think it was only just and fair to show him that I feel the same way." [watch here]

Drake – Best I Ever Had (Directed By Kanye West)


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