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Drake Talks Working With Pharrell

Posted By on July 3, 2009

    Up and coming rapper Drake is getting a lot of oportunities due to his huge buzz, but he's almost too busy to work on his debut album. "I just gotta get this tour knocked out," he said of the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival (featuring Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy Tell’em and Young Jeezy). [watch here]

     Drake is getting some work done though. "I am working on [the album] right now. I’ve actually started. I was in the studio with Pharrell, and it’s basically a pretty lax process for us." [watch here] "Basically, So Far Gone worked," he continued [watch here] "So, let’s just try to do it again. You know, let’s try and act as if we were making a second disc to So Far Gone. Picking up on things I feel So Far Gone missed out on. Taking away things that people liked but didn’t respond to as much as they did to Best I Ever Had, Uptown, or the joint with Trey [Successful]. There were specific things on that mixtape that I know unanimously people loved and certain things that people didn’t necessarily understand. So basically, I’m just trying to find the strongest points off So Far Gone and basing the album off that." [watch here]

Drake Talks About Workign With Pharrell