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Drake & Chris Brown Spotted In The Studio Together

Posted By on July 11, 2014

It is no surprise Chris Brown and Drake have had some hostility towards each other due to an on going Rihanna beef. Despite all the previous drama between the two, they seem to have put it all in the past after Drake posted a picture of them in the studio last night.

Drake posted a picture of the former enemies recording in the studio, and Breezy is looking like he is loving the atmosphere.

“Drake posted a pic last night of himself and Chris in a recording studio — and Breezy looks like he’s LOVING whatever music they’re listening to at the moment. Could a post RiRi collabo be coming?” (TMZ)

Rumors of the feud being over have circulated around the web, but this would be the first visual proof that things have calmed down.

“There were rumors the feud was over, but this is the first visual evidence. Pretty amazing … considering the beef exploded 2 years ago in a massive brawl at W.I.P. nightclub in NYC. Chris and a bodyguard were left bloodied, and NBA star Tony Parker suffered a serious eye injury.” (TMZ)

Check out the photo below.