Reason For Drake and Chris Brown Hook Up Revealed

Reason For Drake and Chris Brown Hook Up Revealed

We recently reported about one-time enemies Drake and Chris Brown spotted in the studio together and new reports claim the two linked up for business purposes.

According to reports, Drake is set to appear on Brown’s upcoming solo album.

“They’re now in the studio … laying tracks down for Chris’ new album. We’re told Drake will perform with Chris on some of the songs and he’ll also be the producer. Two other reasons Chris and Drake think working together will sell more albums: — People will pick the lyrics apart, trying to figure out if they are talking about Rihanna … the woman who they both slept with and the catalyst for the W.i.P. brawl. — Everyone wants to hear who sounds better — Chris or Drake.” (TMZ)

Drake posted a picture of the former enemies recording in the studio, and Breezy is looking like he is loving the atmosphere.

“Drake posted a pic last night of himself and Chris in a recording studio — and Breezy looks like he’s LOVING whatever music they’re listening to at the moment. Could a post RiRi collabo be coming?” (TMZ)

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  • bernardmiller

    awwww…these two long-time gayblade lovers done finally made up? so they finally decided who’s gonna f*ck who up the “hershey highway?” or were they in bed side-by-side together on their hands and knees bent over looking at one another eye to eye arguing like “you gone f*ck me?”…”nah you gonna f*ck me”…”nah you gonna f*ck me n*gga…come on…NOW” before they finally came to an agreement?

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