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Drake Drops New Music Says Hes “The Winner”

Posted By on July 13, 2009

    New Young Money artist Drake recently released new music including "Winner" [listen here], which is said to be from his upcoming debut album "Thank Me Later." In "Winner" [listen here] Drake raps "Look, I'm performing tonight/You know the sh*t gonna be packed. Pay me in advance and make sure that it's exact/My ex-girl will probably show up for the simple fact/Tomorrow she can tell all of her friends it was wack…This about me, they saying my whole fan base is missing I.D…Never bring your Mrs. 'round me, I'm it, I'm it/Call me Mr. I-T…And I do, the realest in my age group know sh*t/SoHo, Cosmo…Let's make a toast/Tell your friends come closer/Drinks on me like a coaster/And we doing it big/Look at what I done." [listen here]

    In related news, Drake hinted last week that he might be releasing new music. "Y'all want some new songs from me on Monday?," Drake wrote on his Twitter account Friday (July 10). "I'm contemplating it…lol" Other tracks that hit the net from Drake include "Juice" [listen here], "Something" [listen here] and "Do It Now." [listen here]