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Drake Explains Whe He Quit Blogging

Posted By on July 20, 2010

     New Young Money star Drake recent explained why he quit blogging sayin that its hard for him to accept negative criticism from fellow bloggers.

      "I definitely haven't said this before, but I stopped going on a computer," he explained in an interview. "I have a problem where if I go read a hundred positive things about me and there's one guy in there who says 'I hate Drake' that's the one I pay attention to. I think that's a common problem. Negativity hurts us more than positivity helps us. I asked about 10 or 20 people around me, 'When's the last time you went on a website and commented on something, like a song dropped and you went on and said, 'That song is hot' or 'That song is terrible?' And everyone I asked around me, whose opinions I respect, the people I love, were like, 'I've never done that before.' And these are all level-headed, intelligent people whose opinion I respect, so I just started saying to myself, 'It takes a certain type of individual to really participate in a group discussion about someone else, especially if they're going super hard with consistent hate."


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