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Drake Reveals His Biggest Turn-Ons (Video)

Posted By on July 22, 2010

     Young Money's new star Drake recently opened up about how when women actually learn his lyrics, it turns him on the most. During an interview with Tim Westwood, Drake also revealed to the ladies that he's a single man.

     "I'm actually single," Drake told Tim Westwood in an interview. "I'm single world wide. [laughs] Everywhere, all area codes, everything…I really love women a lot man, even when I'm rapping, I just like women to hear what I'm saying. I'm talking to the world [when I rap], but I like when women come up to me and repeat my lyrics to me, not my hooks. I love when they come up and say, 'That's my favorite line,' or 'I love when you said this, it made me feel sexy.' Even if it's not a straight women's line, it's just the fact that they're listening to what I'm saying. That gets me excited, it turns me on a little bit. Whoa. [laughs] Love, love, love, love London women."

Drake – Talks About His Biggest Turn-Ons