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Drake Shows Off His Mother’s House Before The Fame In Throwback Footage

Posted By on July 24, 2013

Footage has surfaced of Drake, real name Aubrey Graham, giving a “MTV Cribs” type tour of his mother’s house  way before Lil Wayne came into the picture.

In the footage , Drake shows what inspired him to get into music, stating:

“Me and my grandma have a little thing, my mom doesn’t let her eat chocolate. But my grandma slides me a little extra cheddar on the side and I make sure she gets her daily chocolate dosage,” Drake said in the video. “Now we’re going to check out my space. This is my space, this is where I live. This is my living room. I like a chilling vibe, that’s my favorite thing about this basement. I made this table. It’s got Barry White, Frank Sinatra, Notorious B.I.G., everybody around this table has basically inspired me to get into music, particularly Pharrell, he’s one of my idols.” (“Degrassi: Unscripted”)

The rapper later touched on his father and his influence:

“This is my dad, him and my uncle worked with Al Green. That’s basically why I do it. He taught me everything. So, thank you dad, I don’t get to see you that often but my love is always with you. … I’m a music fanatic, so, I got some Fab, some Marvin Gaye, Kanye West, Big L, Jay-Z, all the Jay-Z albums, I don’t know, we could go on for days.” (“Degrassi: Unscripted”)


Check out the full video below: