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Drake Questions Eminem & Jay-Z Fans Loyalty

Posted By on July 29, 2010

     Young Money's new star Drake recently talked about how he feels his boss, Lil Wayne, will always have fans but questioned if fans of Jay-Z and Eminem would maintain their loyalty. Drake feels that if Jay-Z and EMinem have the most loyal fans, then Lil Wayne deserves to be in the same category.

     "I think it's so rare that an artist comes along in our generation that has a loyal following no matter what — I think Eminem has it," Drake revealed in an interview. "I think Jay-Z has it, although he's never faltered enough to test it. Jay is almost like the perfect guy. Media-wise, there's never been a true test of your fans staying with you. Eminem has had gone through a couple of ups and downs and his fans were with him no matter what. I think Wayne is that guy. I know Wayne is the next guy, after the two I just named, that has that unconditional, no matter what. You get caught with this and you go to jail. You make little life errors that people should never find out about, but because we're in the public eye, everyone knows everything. Wayne has those fans."

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