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Drake Gets Stevie Wonder On New Album

Posted By on August 1, 2011

     As we previously reported, Drake brought out Nas, Lil Wayne and Stevie Wonder at his recent performance at the OVO music festival in Toronto, now Drake says he's been working with Stevie Wonder for his upcoming "Take Care" album. Confirming that he will be on the album, Drake talks about working with Stevie Wonder

"He helped me out with a lot of the music, just came and sat with me, listened to my music, told me where I could add a couple things to make it more sonically appealing, and not only that but we actually are writing together, which is an incredible experience," (MTV News)

     Calling him one of his "very close friend(s)," Drake spoke about how he got Stevie Wonder to join him at the OVO Festival..

"So I hit him, asked him to come by, and with no hesitation he hit me back like, 'I will be there.' Not only that, but he was supposed to do two songs and he did like six," Drake told the Canadian television network. "It was incredible." (MTV News)

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