Drake Discusses “Marvins Room” Remixes (Video)

Drake Discusses “Marvins Room” Remixes (Video)

     Ever since Drake released his "Marvin's Room" track back in early June, many artists including Teyana Taylor, Chris Brown, JoJo and Sammie (to name a few) have remixed it putting their own touch on the song. During his appearance at the OVO Festival last weekend, Drake told Billboard the remixes were "very flattering."

“The writing is doing something to people for them to want to take it and remix it. It’s very flattering, you know. Thank you to anybody that did a remix,” Drake explained. “I hope other songs on the album get reactions like that too. I really, really worked very hard on the writing for this album so I hope it gets a great reaction. I’m excited. It comes out on my birthday so it’d be a nice birthday gift if you go buy it for the boy.” (Drake – Billboard "Juice")

Drake – Talks "Marvins Room" On Billboards Juice


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