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Drake Plans Surgery Over Fall At Show

Posted By on August 17, 2009

    New commer Drake has announced a date for his upcoming surgery to help fix an injury that was caused from a fall last month on stage during a performance at the America's Most Wanted tour. Taking to his Twitter account and keeping details scarce, Drake wrote about his injury and his upcoming album. "In the studio…," he wrote Monday (August 17) morning. "working on Thank Me Later…magic…surgery September 8th! Then we're back in business"

    In related news, Drake talkeda bout his fall on stage and how it could have been avoided. "What the footage doesn't show is that I actually came out of the sky that night," he revealed in an interview. "I was 20 feet in the air on a little platform. Philadelphia was the only sold-out show on the tour — 25,000 people. And before they see me, I see them for about five seconds. I was staring out into the crowd and I literally — when I landed on that platform, I blacked out and really forgot I was injured. I was just so full of adrenaline, so happy to be there, it kind of set in for me. I remember on the I Am Music tour, the reaction was great. But these were my songs. These are songs people know and love and we really made this happen in a short time. I was just enjoying myself. I had the mic and I was really going. And when 'Best I Ever Had' came on, I felt like dancing. It was a great moment. I wanted to run across stage, I wanted to jump into the crowd."