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Drake Sued For Knockoff Owl Chains

Posted By on September 12, 2013

Drake made headlines this week over his diamond-studded, platinum owl pendant. Drizzy’s jeweler is accusing Drake of ripping off the owl chain.

According to TMZ, the jeweler who originally made the pendant is suing Drake for making alleged knockoffs.

“Drake’s expensive jewelry collection is coming back to bite him in the ass — a famous jeweler is suing him over a $50,000 owl pendant … claiming Drake illegally made knockoffs of it for his friends. The jeweler Baden Baden Inc. (owned by designer Michael Raphael) filed the lawsuit, claiming Drizzy hired the company to make a custom diamond-studded platinum owl pendant back in January … and paid $49,204. Then in June … BB claims gold duplicates of the pendant started surfacing on Drake’s Instagram.” (TMZ)

Drake has been associating the iconic owl with his music for about two years now.

“According to the lawsuit, BB claims Drake took its original design, copied it, and handed out the knockoffs to his pals. Baden Baden is suing for copyright infringement, demanding unspecified damages, and asking the court to force Drake to hand over the owl copies. One potential sticking point — Drake’s been using the owl logo for years … it’s the freakin’ cover of his 2011 mixtape.” (TMZ)