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Drake Praises KiD CuDi

Posted By on September 16, 2009

     Drake has publically name dropped KiD CuDi in the past, and it seems the admiration is continuing. Posting a picture of himself holding his album and KiD CuDi's "Man On The Moon" album, Drake wrote "We are rarely proud when we are alone," Drizzy wrote. "But to have another artist who pushes me and inspires me is a blessing. @kidcudi Mazel Tov!"

     As we mentioned, this isn't the first time Drake has mentioned KiD CuDi. "I been doin' this since I was about 13," he said in an interview over the summer. 'Degrassi' is bigger than what I'm doing right now, it really is. It's bigger than any Drake, Cudi, Wale, you know, up-and-coming rap sh*t. Like I was doing mall tours with 15,000 people…I was signing autographs for three, four hours."