Drake Talks Politics Of Selecting Tracks

Drake Talks Politics Of Selecting Tracks

     Drake recently called into the Big Tigger show on Washington D.C.'s WPGC radio station (95.5) where he discussed everything from his new re-release of his EP, his recent surgery to the pressure he is under. When asked why certain  tracks made the re-release and some didn't (like the song with Lloyd "A Night Off"), Drake says its all about politics.

     "It all comes down to obviously politics. The hassle that it would take to clear an Isley Brothers sample, then a Just Blaze beat… Like the song with Lloyd, we’d be paying nine people. So the EP is six songs that I knew I could give away, original compositions or compositions that I could clear. With that being said, I got a great album coming for people. This is just something to tide people over cuz I know February seems far away right now." [Drake Talks New EP Release – Watch Here]

Drake – Talks EP, Surgery, Pressure & More


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