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Drake Praises Pimp C On Young Sweet Jones

Posted By on September 21, 2010

     Drake recently talked about his new "Young Sweet Jones" track and how it pays tribute to the late UGK member, Pimp C. 'I feel like I'm extended UGK family,' Drizzy says. Sweet Jones, of course, was the late Pimp C's nickname. In fact, a posthumous Pimp album, due on October 5, is titled The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones. (Drake makes a guest turn on a track called "What Up.") The 23-year-old Young Money franchise player says he's heard about the small undercurrent of controversy stemming from his tribute-paying reference to the legendary Texas street general. But according to Drake, there was absolutely no disrespect intended. (MTV)

      "I just feel that I'm a huge Pimp supporter," explained Drake, who sends the MC an R.I.P. at the end of his verse. "I'm a huge Pimp fan. I feel like I'm extended UGK family. Bun and Pimp are like uncles, dads to me. They're G's. [When I'm around them], I feel like I do around my uncles. They're still the coldest cats in the world, but Bun makes me feel … he's a legend. His presence, it's like me calling myself Young Bun B, [when I call myself] Young Sweet Jones.

Drake – Talks About Paying Tribute To Pimp C