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Drake Talks Thank Me Later Debut

Posted By on October 8, 2009

     Drake has been talking about his upcoming "Thank Me Later" debut album and now the Canadian rapper has revealed the concept behind his Young Money release. "At the end of the day, one of the biggest things I've been toying with on Thank Me Later is that it's kind of hard for me to come out and be like, 'I'm still the underdog,'" Drake said in an interview. "I can't rap about the same things [as I did] on So Far Gone,so it's just really trying to tell the greatest story that's never been told, which is the story of a rapper's come-up, and tell it without being corny or over bragging or sounding like, 'Feel sorry for me.'," Drake told MTV.

     "It's going to be a very interesting record because I'm really going to have to dig deep and tell stories that people can relate to. But it's kind of hard, because my life is at a very different place now..I'm excited for next year, and I got some great records coming out with people too. I got little projects on the horizon that I'm doing just for the people, to give people the free music that I've been known to give. I'm just going to keep up with being Drake. That's it."

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