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Drake Gives Details On ‘Take Care’ (Video)

Posted By on October 19, 2011

     As we previously reported, Drake recently not only performed on Saturday Night Live but he actually acted in multiple skits. Around the time of his SNL appearance, Drake spoke with MTV News about his upcoming "Take Care" album.

     In the three clips below, Drake gives details on the new project. Drizzy explains that the "Take Care" album actually tells a story, talks about his "Emo" side and explains how his "So Far Gone" album fits into "Take Care."

Drake – Says "Take Care" Tells A Story

Drake – Explains His "Emo" Side

Drake – Explains 1st Album Fitting Into 2nd


Drake – On Saturday Night Live "Digital Short"


Drake – Peforms "Make Me Proud" With Nicki Minaj