Drakes Collab With Justin Timberlake Is Here

Drakes Collab With Justin Timberlake Is Here

    Young Money rapper, Drake has come forward to talk about his long awaited wish to collaborate with Justin Timberlake and how it's starting to form. Although details are still developing, Drake said music fans could expect to hear them together in the short future.

     "I've always wanted to work with him, and it's in the works right now," Drake said. "Me and Justin Timberlake will probably have a song soon. I'm really excited about that, cause I've wanted to work with Justin for a long time." The details are still unknown as to when we can expect to hear the collab, or what direction the song will take, but it's good to hear JT is working on music again. Could this mean a follow-up to "FutureSex/LoveSounds" is in the works? What do you think? (Billboard)

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