Drake To Work With Justin Timberlake (Video)

Drake To Work With Justin Timberlake (Video)

     Drake recently spoke about his bossman, Lil Wayne, being released along with what he has planned for his new album. "Just trying to make great music. I remember a time I was making so far gone, there was very little stress attached to it. I feel with Thank Me Later a stressful environment that I was creating music in. I feel like I got 2 songs on the album I feel like there already where I want them to be… I got my raps up. I feel like I’m a better rapper than I was on Thank Me Later."

     In addition, Drake gives his friend a Lambo for his birthday, check both out below!

Drake – Lil Wayne's Release, New Album, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake



Drake – Gives His Friend A Lambo For His Birthday


Bun B ft Drake – Put It Down (Preview)


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