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Drake Talks Justin Timberlake & New Album

Posted By on November 8, 2010

     Drake recently opened up about how much he admires Justin Timberlake and how he learned from him just like he has from Lil Wayne, Drake says that he has a great relationship with JT and even has two songs done for his next album.

"There's just people that you meet along the way that are great individuals," Drake said in an interview. "Just really open for conversations and jokes, and Justin is one of those guys. We built a rapport because I wasn't walking in trying to be an overly cool rapper, and he wasn't like, 'I'm JT the heartthrob.' It was two guys, and we were talking. We started kicking jokes, and that was it. Every time I see him, it's a bunch of laughs…[Justin] always has great things to say, amidst the funny moments. The best thing about Justin, he reinforces the fact, like, 'You're doing the right thing. The way you are now, just be that guy.' Much like what [Lil] Wayne tells me. 'What you're doing is working. Don't change anything. Be approachable, be humble, be nice. It goes a long way.'" (MTV)

Drake – Says He Has Two Songs Done For New Album


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