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Juvenile Talks Drake Redoing His Song (Audio)

Posted By on November 9, 2011

     With Drake's new "Take Care" album leaking recenlty, one of the topics surrounding the project is the "Practice" in which finds the Young Money rapper redoing Juveinile's "Back That Azz Up" song. Juvenile recently spoke about the remake saying…

“I’m kind of flattered that it was Drake and that it’s an R&B song,” he said. “I never pictured it to be used that way but he did a great job with it, man.” (XXL)

     Juvenile went on to talk about how he first found out about Drake doing the song.

“We started going through the clearance process and stuff like that,” he said, “and when I heard it I was impressed because I really thought that ‘Back That Azz Up’ was a hard song to remake. The fact that he took it somewhere else, I think it was big. I like that." (XXL)

     What do you think? Compare the tracks below!

Juvenile – Back That Azz Up

Drake – Practice