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Drake Explains “Top 5 Lost It Or Aint Alive”

Posted By on November 15, 2011

     Drake recently explained his line where he spoke about his top 5 rappers. In his track, Drake says “My top 5 either lost it or they ain’t alive," and he explains it saying…

I just felt like at that time, my favorite rappers weren’t moving me. I was like, do I really rap better than this guy that I look up to? What happened, did something change? I won’t even say names, just based off the fact that, it wasn’t meant to, it could be anybody.

I don’t know. And just me kind of realizing like damn, has it really been that long, do my favorite rappers really only have like one or two albums left before it’s time to call it quits? Or it gets awkward because they are rapping at a certain age about shit that isn’t relateable?


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