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Drake Recording 3rd Album; No More Mixtapes

Posted By on November 21, 2011

     With his new "Take Care" album hitting stores less than a week ago, Drake has already started working on his third album.

"I started writing the intro to my project last night," he said. "I found the sample and I started piecing together the story of where I’m at in my life. Start piecing together the drawing, I finish that and flip the page. It’s really like, I’m never the type to go back and be like, oh, I need this to bring over here. I can’t really save music or older music."

     Drake also went on to say that he now feels like his is an album artist, adding he does not plan on putting out another mixtape.

"It’s tough for me to put a mixtape out there just based off the fact that… Not only that it’s free, but to be honest to you, I don’t really make money off my albums," he said. That’s not where I make my money. Artists don’t make money off my record sales. That’s why what I do first week doesn’t matter to me. I’m not too caught up in the numbers, because nobody’s getting rich off of album sales. Everybody gets rich off of touring and brand sponsorship."

"It’s just more the fact that the amount of work that I would put into a mixtape, I kind of may as well call it an album. Like, So Far Gone was a full-blown album," he continued. "I’m becoming more of an album artist. I value my music a lot. If you really care about what you do and the fans really care about what you do, it’s a great outlet to get started, it’s a great outlet when you’re hungry – when you’re undiscovered and hungry. I’m discovered and hungry. I’d rather give you more albums to listen to, more moments in time."


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