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Drake Talks First Song On Debut Album

Posted By on December 4, 2009

    New Young Money rapper Drake has already made his home of Canada proud, getting two Grammy-Award nominations for his "So Far Gone" re-released Ep. [Drake Talks Grammy Nominations – Watch Here] Now the Canadian rapper is planning his official debut album "Thank Me Later" and even told his fans a little inside info on the album including the first song called "Fireworks." Drake says "the album opens up with a song I'm really proud of called 'Fireworks,' I get asked so many questions. Due to press people around, I have to deflect them. It's like when you put in the CD, all your questions are answered right away. It's a great, triumphant record right away. That opens up the scheme, and from there, hopefully, it's a colorful journey for everybody." [Drake Says New Album Is A Colorful Journey – Watch Here]

    As we reported yesterday, Drake plans to drop the album in March. "I’m hoping for March now. It’s just pulling everybody together: I had
a wish list for my managers of everybody I wanted involved that stem
beyond hip-hop. I’m trying to pull it all together." One name on
Drake's list is Sade. "I’m really trying to work with Sade," he revealed. "Lil Wayne will be on it. Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, Kanye will be doing work on it. It’s in the family."
[Drake Gets Lil Wayne, Jay-Z & Others On New Album – Watch Here]

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