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Details On Drake’s Thank Me Later Follow-Up

Posted By on December 30, 2010

      Young Money star Drake is currently working on his upcoming new album "Take Care," the follow up to his debut "Thank Me Later" album. Producers working with the rapper include Q-Tip and even DJ Premier

Q-Tip also provided a beat for rap phenom Drake's much-anticipated follow-up to this summer's Thank Me Later, though he has yet to hear the finished product of that collaboration. "He told me it's incredible," Q-Tip deadpans. "I'm going to take his word for it." (Entertainment Weekly)

     Another hip-hop pioneer, DJ Premier, will also showcase his skills on Drake's forthcoming project.

"I met Drake at the Jay-Z and Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium. A good friend of mine does some charity work for Derek Jeter and was also working with Drake…He told me Drake wanted to come say [hello] real quick before he got on the stage with Jay…He said 'Yo next album I want to do some stuff [with you]' and that's pretty much the end of it.' He comes down and sits down next to us to watch the show and everybody in all the other suites next to us started bugging. He was just chilling there and not acting like he was too cool." (VIBE)


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