Eminem Becomes a born Again Christian?

Eminem Becomes a born Again Christian?

Reports are surfacing about the rapper, Eminem, becoming a born again Christian and turning his life over to the hands of Christ. According to Gossip Cop, the rapper will no longer succumb to the rigors and expectations performers in the industry are facing today. The Christian Post’s blog has further stated that Eminem is “building a relationship with God and using that to help him spiritually, and with his addiction problems.”

Are these rumors or facts, though? Fans have been watching Eminem go through some impressive transformations since the inception of his career ranging from embracing maturity to tackling sobriety. Therefore, while the report may come off as rumor to some, others are open-minded to the fact that the rapper could be taking this turn in his life.

I think what cinches the deal, though, is a Detroit source claiming to have seen Eminem become born again firsthand. According to AllHipHop.com, the source from Detroit “suggested that is has had an impact on business and some of the acts, but mostly on his refusal to conform to what his expected of him from the music game.” Eminem’s daughter is growing up right before his eyes and, as she matures, he is also. Therefore, this decision is one that’s likely to impact him in many areas of her personal and professional life.

Fans can’t help feeling skeptical following these reports, especially those centered around him leaving the music industry completely. While many have their doubts, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Eminem and his career.

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  • jeff

    Fucking sellout. Shady is dead

    • jenny

      pipe the fuck down! u dnt kno shit bout his life ur the sell out! judging when u dnt even kno the all the facts wit fans like you who needs enemys eminem will always be a legend no matter what doubters like you say.

    • Rick

      Jeff…your ignorance is deafening when it comes to Biblical Christianity

  • Steve Short

    I have been praying for him for about 10 years. I hope this is true because I love him and want to chill out with him in heaven and listen to him rhyme for the King.

    • Veronica Decker

      With God ALL things are possible! I pray this is true. Heaven rejoices over one who is lost. This would be a true victory! Thank YOU Jesus!

    • Nicky

      I’ve been praying for him too. Thank you Jesus! I would love to see him use his gifts to glorify the Lord. All good gifts come from the Father…

    • God’s Child

      Praise God that’s right Marshall make Jehovah Jirah God the Center of 2013 interceding on your behalf. Jesus encamp your Angels around Marshall and Katy Perry guide and protect them from any attacks of the enemy that may arise because of this Victory for The Lord is taking place. Keep your eyes to the Heaven the creator is watching over you. In Jesus name We the Body of Christ Pray. Amen

  • Tanya

    Praise GOD and Jesus too!

  • Ty

    Hes a sellout because he gave his life to Christ? Good Person To be sold out too. At least he has sense enough to follow God.

  • Bee

    In all honesty , his private life is no one business , the media tries to make it so, so everyone feels they have a right to know what he does and doesnt do. Who cares if he is religious , if you go and watch behind the scene footage from D12 days , you will see the man prey before he goes on stage. I could care less what he does in his private time , let the man live a life , If he believes , he believes , if he doesnt , then he doesnt. Im just thankful the music industry gave us Eminem . The prying media who destroy the lives of the rich and famous are probably the ones who should be looking into religion

    • Noreen

      The fact that he is in the limelight and so many of our impressionable youth idolize him….is why it matters! Considering what he has been through…..the demons he has dealt with, and now to see him turning to Christianity, would send a positive message of hope to so many of our young people who relate to Eminem. I hope its true. This man has so much talent. I would like to see him use this talent to inspire and not just show anger.

  • Mo

    Great news and an awesome acquire for the kingdom :)

  • http://gravatar.com/newton2011 newton2011


  • Paula

    I don’t know much about Eminem, but seeing his “Cleaning Out My Closet” video broke my heart. Ever since then, I have prayed for him. I admired him for loving his daughter and trying to get his life together for her. He seems to be doing the right thing, keeping it out of the media & not talking about it untl he’s ready.God took Moses, Apostle Paul and others into the “wilderness” alone before he used them for His purpose. Thank heavens Jim Bakker isn’t around to mess him up like he did Larry Flynt when he professed to accept Christ. As for Eminem being a “sell out,” it’s the human race that sold out God to follow the devil. God loves us, satan hates us & wants to destroy us through any means available. Who sold out who?

  • Gina

    Good for him. Now he is really rebelling!

  • Daniel

    Eminem is the best musician to ever walk the planet and I will support him in whatever he decides best. P.S. I still hope he continues making music as the messages he send through his words are truly inspirational and he has helped me through some tough times.

  • Anti-thesis

    if his Christianity is in the same vein as Betty Bowers, his being born again is simply an act of mockery to continue to further hatred of Christianity. His lyrics are old testament verses used to justify the poor treatment of women. Just because women were treated poorly in biblical times by Israels enemies and by Israelite’s themselves upon rebelling from God in no way means God agreed or ordered the violence, on the contrary, these things are written to show how people behave when they reject God, yet those without understanding are too blind to comprehend such-preferring to view God as an evil dictator as opposed to the loving Father he is-very sad. Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.

  • http://yahoo.com DynoD3

    Let’s hope it’s true and he doesn’t make a mockery of Christ by continuing to sing filthy lyrics. Of course his life will change, that’s what Jesus does, changes you from the inside out, a new heart with new desires. People who profess to be Christian and look and act like the world are as the Word says, liars, and their lifestyle will reveal whether or not they are true, or false, converts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maysonet.robert RM

    Praise God for Jesus is the Way the Truth & the Life no man comes to the Father but through Him. John 3:16 and If you confess with your mouth The Lord Jesus Christ & believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead you shall be save. Romans 10:9-10 For the wages of sin is deaf but the GIFT of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus. Romans 6:23.

    Eminem just dont have anything to do with the apostates at TBN! I suggest The Berean Call, Dave Hunt.

  • rea

    Way to go :) Eminem has always had a tight relationship with God,just got off track like so many do. . with fame-theres always a price.God doesnt leave us-we leave him.What a forgiving God we serve. many prayers for him and his family.

  • Hannah Powell

    How could anyone call him a sell out if he gave/gives his life to the Lord. It would be the best thing he could ever do for himself. That in NO way makes him a sell out if anything it would make him the opposite.

  • Beauty

    Well, if Eminem has turned his live over to Jesus Christ, and I am praying that he has and that he will, I give God the praise and the glory for compelling him to make the MOST important decision of his life. I have been praying for him for a while and as the Bible declares in James, “the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much!!” It’s wonderful that God hears our prayers and desires that everyone recognize His love for them and accept Him as their Saviour forever!! To God Be The Glory!!

  • Ell

    I hope he starts doing christian rap

    • GLW_49

      Eminem is amazing and if he becomes a christian thats great but he doesnt have to go to christian rap. Anyway i will try to pray for him as much as i can

  • mike

    ohhh nooo i hope is smart enough not to believe in magical thinking and mistake coincidence with reality. stay away from all that religion stuff its not real like santa

    • http://www.facebook.com/maysonet.robert RM

      Your a fool mike. there is so much evidence that the bible is truly a supernatural book and that Jesus truly rose from the dead. There is archeological, medical, historical, scientific and geographical evidence just to name a few. Of course you won’t even look at the evidence and like most fools even if you do look at all the evidence that there is for Christ Jesus you’ll just blow it off. You are to be pitied. I recommend you do a search in google for the evolution cruncher. But I’m sure you have all knowledge on every single subject there is in this world. You need to wake up and see that it is evolution that is the santa clause. Jesus Christ is the reality and one day you will stand in front of Him and give an account for your life. Hebrews 9:27 For it is destined for all men to die and then the judgement. The fool has said in his heart (without studying or searching for the truth) there is no God. I pray in Jesus name that He will shake you up and help you to realize that Jesus is Lord.

  • http://Facebook.com/solkidd COLDEST

    amen! i pray this happens.. so fucking love him. we like blood.. sumtymz i feel our heart connect to each other.. his song ministered to my life.. jst lyk d addiction shiiD. i pray to end mine too

  • Doniyk

    eminem is my favourite rapper and the best in the world.if he becomes a born again?good,cos i’v been praying for him for that.

  • http://cigarsonist.blogspot.com cigarsonist

    the thing people should remember is that em is in recovery and is probably following the traditional 12 steps (or at least some of them). one of them is acknowledging that there is a higher power. this doesn’t mean he’s converting to any kind of religious faith, but it doesn’t rule it out either. also, he probably has believed in God for quite some time.

    that said, if anyone could convert to something like Christianity and still write amazing, true, honest, sincere rhymes, it’s eminem. he’s one of the greatest of all time.

  • http://cigarsonist.blogspot.com cigarsonist

    it kinda seems like eminem has believed in God for a while. but before people react to rumors, they have to remember that acknowledging that there’s a higher power is part of following the 12 steps. since em is in recovery, it makes sense that he believes in God. that doesn’t mean he has converted to any particular faith, but it doesn’t rule it out either.

    that said, if anyone could convert to something like Christianity and still write amazing, honest, true, and sincere rhymes, it’s eminem. he’s one of the greatest rappers of all time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Melissa.Hoffman08 Melissa Hoffman

    I have been praying for him also I continue to pray if it is strue that he will grow strong in his walk with the Lord.

  • guest

    I Don’t know if its True or not but I think we Should Pray for Eminem no Matter what and pray for him every day and non Stop its always good to give out Blessing and Prayers I pray someday he will be with god from above cause its always nice to have some kind of peace in your life and I hope Marshall find peace with god when he is Ready cause I think he is awesome person and I only hope for the best for them and we should pray for the others in that business as well I don’t want Marshall parish it would be awesome if he walked with god but that not up to me all I can do is Pray for him always

  • jamarus

    man when i say that video i stopped going up on youtube because when i go on youtube i only go to his videos no ones elses :’( and that video said that when eminem came out with berzerk his new song they said as we enjoyd it he was pulling are souls to satan i dont know if its true or not i just stoped doin up on youtube

  • Ginger Kortekaas

    He has a lot going for him. He is a good rapper anyway but if he is a Christian I think that it would make me A LOT happier…

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