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Scoop DeVille Discusses Details Of Eminem & Busta Rhymes Collaboration

Posted By on January 11, 2014

Busta Rhymes is gearing up for a big year. He’s slated to drop the much anticipated follow up to 1998’s “Extinction Level Event-The Final World Front”. There’s already talk about a particular track on the album that features Eminem and Rhymes going in for 6 minutes. Producer Scoop DeVille recently chopped it up with VladTV and detailed the monster collab.

“That’s the next record that’s going to, I’d say destroy the streets of New York and Hip Hop in a lot of ways,” Scoop DeVille said when asked about the record. “That record is something that we’ve been putting together for a minute. It’s not just like an overnight thing. We’ve been trying to make this THE record to bring back Busta in a major way.”

“Not only are you going to get the song, you’re going to get a video, you’re going to get the old Buss, old Em and it’s like six minutes of just rhyming–64 bars Em, 60 bars Em of just destroying it, it’s insane,” Scoop described. “It’s 64 bars, chorus, 60 bars chorus, done.”


A few months ago, Busta first revealed the project to XXL :

“I’ve got a six-minute record with Eminem that sounds like we are respectfully trying to battle each other in a way that you probably never heard us battle in our entire careers on a record.” Busta Rhymes said at the time in an interview with XXL. “So it’s lot of real incredibly golden moments for us on this project.”

Check out The Full Scoop DeVille interview HERE.




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