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Juelz Santana Is Latest To Ask Eminem For Collab

Posted By on February 4, 2009

    Juelz Santana has become the latest artist to publically plead for Eminem to do a song with him. In a new video [watch here] Juelz says "I need to do my song with Eminem. Em holla at me. I told you I got the crazy record from off my album, I need you on. It got Weezy on it already." Juelz goes on to say "Em, I promise you I been watching you for so long. I been a fan so I wouldn't even ask you to get on a record, unless I felt like it was that record." The Dip Set member says "I just want to get the record into your hands, then if you want to turn me down after that, then you can turn me down" Santana finishes saying "once again shout out to Eminem, whole D12" [watch here]

    As we previously reported, Lil Wayne has also publically asked Eminem to do a song with him. During an interview overseas, Weezy said he reached out to Eminem's people to do a song but it didn't happen [watch here]. Wayne continued “I’m aight with the raps, it’s ok to get on a song. I’m calling you
out!” Wayne said, continuing “Come on out. I’m not calling you out to diss me
because I can’t f*ck with you. But come do a song. Please…with three
e’s.” [watch here]

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