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Eminem’s Manager Talks Detroit Super Bowl Ad

Posted By on February 8, 2011

     After rap-superstar Eminem appeared in not one, but two commercials during the Super Bowl, his manager Paul Rosenberg has come forward to discuss how they came about and the feedback they have received. Speaking about the ad Eminem was in for Chrysler, Rosenberg says everyone is reacting positively.

"It's just been amazing," Rosenberg said. "Immediately…the e-mails and texts started pouring in, Facebook started reacting, everyone all over Twitter was talking about it. We thought people were going to be pleased, but I don't know if we thought it was going to be as ecstatic of a reaction as it's been. It's really been pretty electric. I haven't seen something like this in quite some time."  (Billboard)

     Rosenberg went on to tell Billboard about how they decided to do the commercial and the personal responses they have been getting…

"He's always sort of cautious in his own judgment about things he's involved in or creates until they're really introduced to the world and he's got a chance to see how [people] react to them," Rosenberg added. "He's very pleased with the reaction…everyone from friends and family, to people I know that are part of the Detroit diaspora…were sending me e-mails, calling me: 'I got goosebumps.' 'I shed a tear.' 'You guys don't know what you've done.'" (Billboard)

     According to multiple sources, the advertisement hasn't just been successful for Eminem but actually really boosted interest in Chrysler and their new cars.

Eminem isn't the only party to reap the benefits of the advertisement. PR Newswire reported that the commercial prompted a 213% increase in traffic for the automobile company on Kbb.com, with 1013% traffic increase for the Chrysler 200 car model. (hiphopdx)

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