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50 Says He’s The Reason Eminem Got Fat

Posted By on February 27, 2009

    During an interview with Blender Magazine, 50 Cent revealed why Eminem gained weight last year. "You know why he got fat? Because of me, because of my cross-over"
50 joked saying he beat Em playing basketball. "He hurt his knee so he had to chill and couldn't run around so much so
he gained weight." [watch here] "He was working with the Detroit Pistons coach to get his leg back together" 50 says, "He's back in shape. He's
looking good, he's going to get the girls. I told him I get the girls,
you get in the house." [watch here]

    It wasn't all jokes though, 50 gave up some info on both his and Eminem's albums saying "I'm supposed to go meet with him and Dre and work in Las Vegas
to finish up my record" 50 continued saying "His is almost done, so he's going to come out
first then I will come out behind him." [watch here

50 Cent Says "Im The Reason Eminem Got Fat"