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Jury Denies Lawsuit Over Eminem Royalties

Posted By on March 9, 2009

    The lawsuit that could have set a new precedent in the music industry when it comes to digital royalties, was dismissed  last week. The suit, filed by F.B.T. productions against Universal Music Group, was seeking unpaid royalties for Eminem's music in digital distribution. A jury ruled that F.B.T. was not entitled to half of the net profits the record company get's from downloads, rather than his standard cut from record sales.

     As previously reported, Eminem wasn't personally involved in the suit filed by the production company (owned by Jeff and Mark Bass) that is responsible for signing the Detroit rapper back in 1995. "It's a big disappointment," Joel Martin, one of the plaintiffs, said after the verdict was read. It wasn't all a loss for F.B.T. The production company won $159,000 in a separate claim that said Universal Music Group made accounting errors dealing with payments to them and Eminem.