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Eminem Cancels Relapse 2

Posted By on April 14, 2010

   Fanboys beware Eminem has shooken your foundation with his latest tweet today. Simply “There is no Relapse 2” was tweeted on Eminem’s twitter today. Lots of news publications and other people are interpreting as there is no new album coming out this year because he said no Relapse 2. However we think that he still will be releasing an album and maybe has just changed the name.

   The evidence is just to clear for him not to release another album. When the original Relapse came out the record label and Eminem both stated that they recorded so much material (with Dr. Dre) that a second album will come out. So if they trashed Relapse 2 what will become of these extra songs? Or maybe Em recorded so much new material now since then he doesnt want to call it Relapse 2 as he is only using the best left over songs and made new songs to create a new album. Or maybe they are focusing on Detox (doubt it dont hold your breath but its a possibility) and want people to really make that their most anticipated album instead of Relapse 2.

   Either way it brings lots of attention to Em at the moment and whatever his next move is we all will be waiting. Just give us more music and we will all be happy.