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2 New Eminem Songs Coming To iTunes

Posted By on April 28, 2009

    iTunes has announced that they will be debuting not one, but TWO new Eminem song's from his upcoming "Relapse" album, set to hit stores on May 19th. The digtial music giant says that the first song is called "Old Time Sake" and features none-other than Dr Dre himself (available on May 5th) while the second new song, titled "Beautiful," is a solo Eminem track (available on May 12th). Both new songs will be onsale for $1.29

    Currently iTunes already has three new Eminem songs including his first single "We Made You" [get ringtone here] and recently they added his new 2nd single "3 AM" [get ringtone here]. The previously Eminem, Dr Dre and 50 Cent single "Crack A Bottle" [get ringtone here] has been available for a sometime now.

    Eminem – "We Made You" : Get Ringtone |  Download on iTunes
    Eminem – "3 AM" : Get Ringtone |  Download on iTunes
    Eminem, Dr Dre, 50 Cent – "Crack A Bottle" : Get Ringtone |  Download on iTunes

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  • April

    That is so stupid people trash talk about other people’s songs all the time but this nigga what’s 8 million cause em said his songs name hey well maybe he helped people to find your song and listen to it cause nobody would have listened to it if em wouldn’t have methioned it

  • FukBoi

    Nobody knows these fools trashing em’s verse so it don’t mean shit. Your followers, re-tweet count and opinions are trash

  • Lora

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • Lora

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