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Eminem The Making Of “We Made You” – Watch Now

Posted By on April 28, 2009

    Anyone miss the days when we used to set our reminds so we don't miss MTV's latest "Making The Video" episode, especially when it came to Eminem's new video? Well with the internet, those days are gone. Originally set to air on MTV2 the same day as the video itself premiered, the "Making Of" Eminem's new "We Made You" [ringtone] video has become available. [watch here]

    Starting off in typical "Making The Video" Eminem style, with Eminem welcoming everyone to the shoot [watch here] joking around, go behind the scenes of not only the making but the casting and concept of the entire video. [watch here] Check out Eminem talking about the song and ideas combined with shots of video cast members Mad Tv's Bobby Lee, Dr Dre, Mr. Porter and more! [watch here]

Eminem – Making Of "We Made You" Video (part 1)


Eminem – Making Of "We Made You" Video (part 2)

     Eminem – "We Made You"
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