Boi-1da Talks Working With Drake, Eminem

Boi-1da Talks Working With Drake, Eminem

     Boi-1da, the producer of Eminem's new "Not Afraid" single, talks to Much Music how his beats got to Eminem, how Eminem selected two for his upcoming "Recovery" album. Boi-1da talks about meeting and working with Drake and in the last month getting his beats to Dr Dre and working with Game, Stat Quo and others in the studio.
     Also check out a FAKE "Teaser" that popped up on the internet for Eminem's "Not Afraid." Basically a mix of all his past music videos, the new teaser uses an early leak of the song and has been confirmed to be completely fake.

Boi-1da – Talks Working With Drake & Eminem


Eminem – Not Afraid (FAKE Teaser)



Cashis – Talks Eminem's Rapping Technique, Layering Vocals


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