Eminem Takeover: The FUSE Network

Eminem Takeover: The FUSE Network

      Eminem will be featured on the FUSE network soon as he takes over the channel this coming Monday. As the advertisement says, "Eminem the man, the myth, the mouth…all day, and all night. The real Slim Shady is taking over FUSE. Eminem Takeover, starts Monday (5/10) at 11 A.M., 10 A.M. (central).

Eminem – Takes Over Fuse (Network Advertisement)


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  • Karen McManus

    I’m just a dumb 1980s white girl tied to Detroit but for the fucking love of GAWD can I please just sit in a room with Mr. Mathers???? Just relax and talk to him? Ugh. Watching EM for the bagillionth time on some stupid music channel. My husband loves his message. I love that we are “connected”, even if it’s just geography, time, music, my love of his work, bla. Don’t care. He’s busy, I’m wishing I was busy. Omg the RED TAPE just to make a difference and work with kids. Do I sound like a typical idiot? Okay. Fine.

    All I know is, Mr. Mathers assisted me in feeling real. I know we both are but watching this show makes me so irritated. I’m sorry, I will always be a fan but my family is part of Detroit! My paternal grandfather is still alive owned a barber shop. My mom and dad worked and shopped downtown! What the hell happened??? It’s not you-your responsibility but god damn I can’t live there. Got out, so did you! We all did and we wait for someone to bring the dead city BACK! I’m tired. Love all my Mid-western connections. Forgive me. Feel like people have just been name dropping Detroit, not really caring. Myself included. We gave up.

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