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Eminem Busts A Samba-Style Freestyle

Posted By on May 8, 2009

    Eminem is currently overseas doing promotion for his upcoming "Relapse" album and yesterday he made a stop on a German TV show appropriately called "TV Total." [watch here] Scheduled to do an 8 Minute interview then perform his single "We Made You" Eminem was surprised when host Stefan Raab tried to get him to do a samba-style rap session. [watch here]

    Described by Paul Rosenberg, Eminem's longtime manager and business partner, "Stefan came back to talk to Em before the show and they went over a few topics, then Stefan suggested that him and Em perform a samba style rap. Em, and everyone else in the room thought Stefan was being silly, and didn't take him seriously. Well, he was serious."

    Eminem did perform his single [watch here] and ended up doing a 15-minute interview [watch here] but again, the surprise was his off the top samba-style freestyle. [watch here]

Eminem – Relapse Wallpapers

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eminem relapse eminem relapse Eminem relapse

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Eminem Freestyle On TV Total


Eminem Interview On German TV


Eminem Performance "We Made You" On TV Total

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