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Eminem in The Studio With Chris Rock (Picture)

Posted By on May 10, 2013

A new photo of Eminem in the studio at the mic with Chris Rock in close proximity has surfaced; leading to speculation of a collaboration. Chris Rock has had a long history of being closely involved and associated with Hip Hop. It seems that the actor-comedian may be re-energizing his Hip Hop connections. On Tuesday of this week. Rock tweeted a photo of him in the studio with Hip Hop legend Eminem.

Although there was no reason given for the collaboration or no expectations set for what would come out of it, Rock has worked with numerous Hip Hop entities over the course of his career.

He appeared on the late Ol’ Dirty Bastards’s joint “Recognize” which was released on ODB’s “N—a Please” LP. He also appeared on Kanye West’s “Blame Game” which appeared on West’s 2010 release of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.

When Rock tweeted Tuesday, his tweet had the aura of prepping his fans for something that was coming. It was simple and succinct, but it was meant to breed anticipation.

In the studio with Em don’t sleep http://say.ly/BNp5LUG

Chris Rock @chrisrock 7:23 PM – 7 May 2013


Rock has also played roles in films that were heavily influenced by Hip Hop. He was in the 1988 flick “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” as well as in the 1991 Hit, New Jack City. He even played a rapper in 1993’s CB4

As stated earlier, the exact nature of Rocks collaboration with Shady has not yet been revealed, but fans have been placed on alert and the anticipation is filling the air.