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Nick Cannon – Jokes About The Eminem Beef

Posted By on May 11, 2011

     Actor slash rapper Nick Cannon recently kept true to his word by talking about his issues with Eminem on his upcoming television special. During the stand up portion, Nick Cannon impersonates his grandfather and reveals the doubt he has that his own grandsom can take on Slim SHady.

"'And then you want to go out there and start some hip-hop beef," Cannon said impersonating his grandfather. "You know who I'm talking about, with the boy, what's his name, Enema? Eminem. You know who I'm talking about. Nick, why you messing with him for? Ain't he the number one great rapper out there right now doing it? You wanna go and try to beef with him. Oh, and you lost too. Oh yeah you did because he said some nasty, disrespectful slanderous stuff about your wife boy. And what'd you do? You want to go on some d*mn Twitter. What's a Twitter? I got a 9 millimeter, you just tell me where to show up. Tweet, tweet this heat.'" ("Mr. Showbiz")

Nick Cannon – Jokes About The Eminem Beef