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DJ Whoo Kid Talks Em & Mariah “He Peed On Her”

Posted By on May 14, 2009

    Introducing himself by saying "DJ Whoo Kid, I work for Eminem on Shade45," Whoo Kid talked about Eminem during a new interview on radio. "He f*cked Mariah Carey," Whoo Kid says [watch here] "That's hot, no condom too. Peed on her and everything, he's like the first R Kelly situation." [watch here]

    When talking about Eminem's attack on Nick Cannon on "Relapse," and the recent Nick Cannon announcement that he's coming back at Em, Whoo Kid says "Nick Cannon Is The Weirdo Of The Hip Hop Community. He Married Her For Money I Guess, he's like a reverse gold digger" [watch here]    
    In related news, Eminem recently finished up his European promotion with an appearance on the Tim Westwood radio show, during which he dropped a new freestyle so make sure you check it out [watch here]

    BONUS: Check out a trailer for Eminem's new "Relapse: Resistance" iPhone Game – Click Here!

Eminem – Relapse Wallpapers

eminem relapse eminem relapse eminem relapse
eminem relapse eminem relapse Eminem relapse

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