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Eminem On Zane Lowe: Interview & Performances

Posted By on May 19, 2009

    Eminem recently appeared on "In Session with Zane Lowe" a television show in the UK. Lowe interviewed Eminem during the show asking him questions about each song he performed including "3 AM," "We Made You" and "Beautiful." [watch here]

    "It's a dark song, it's a dark beat…" Eminem says of the "3 AM" track. [watch here] "The way I go about it is, I do whatever the beat is telling me to do. Usually when the beat comes on I think of a hook or the subject almost instantly, within 4-8 bars I'm like 'ok this is what I want to do'" … Eminem finished by saying "The beat just sounded like killing people" [watch here]

    When it comes to "Beautiful" Eminem says "the first verse and a half, while I was sitting on rehab, I wrote that." [watch here] Eminem says "Beautiful" is "the only particular song that comes from those days [the un-sober days]" [watch here]

Eminem – In Session With Zane Lowe (Interview + "3AM", "We Made You" & "Beautiful")


Eminem – Relapse Wallpapers

eminem relapse eminem relapse eminem relapse
eminem relapse eminem relapse Eminem relapse

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    Eminem – "We Made You" : Get Ringtone |  Download on iTunes
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