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Kanye West, DMC Talk Eminem’s Relapse

Posted By on May 21, 2009

    Fellow rappers are now talking about Eminem's new "Relapse" album. Kanye West recently told Entertainment Weekly "I think that the ‘Insane’ song is genius," while DMC, who Em recently inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, says "His
music is his therapy." The RUN-DMC member continued "I can relate to everything he’s
saying. [Expressing] those dark, depressing times, that’s what rock ‘n’
roll is supposed to do."

    Eminem’s tour DJ, The Alchemist, might be a little biased but says "I can’t even explain how
in the zone he is. I think some of the drugs make you introverted and
antisocial. Maybe everybody got accustomed to that with Em, because
that became part of his personality. But now that’s all gone. The funny
guy and the creativity are all still there. Maybe he had to almost die
for it to happen, but man, he’s on point."

Eminem – Relapse Wallpapers

eminem relapse eminem relapse eminem relapse
eminem relapse eminem relapse Eminem relapse

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  • Oliver P.

    Best Lyrics ever!