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Eminem: MTV Movie Awards Re-Cap (Videos Here)

Posted By on June 1, 2009

    Well by far the most talked about thing from last nights MTV Movie Awards is the incident between comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and Eminem. [watch here] Dressed in his "Bruno" character, Cohen "flew" in above the crowd on a wire and in a pair of feathery white wings with his ass hanging out. On his way to the stage, Bruno crashed down onto Eminem prompting members of D12 to jump up and help their leader. [watch here] Pissed off from the entire incident, Eminem and D12 then got up and left the awards. [watch here]

    Before this all went down, Eminem performed for the first time in years as he took the stage to do "We Made You" and "Crack A Bottle." [watch here] Backed by a band that included the drums, a sax, a trumpet and even a trombone, Eminem performed the two songs from his "Relapse" album [watch here]

    Before the awards began Eminem was interviewed by Sway backstage. The MTV news reporter asked Eminem if anything lately had surprised him to which he said "I don’t know if anything’s really surprised me." [watch here] "More so, I’m happy about the response the record is getting. I’m glad people have caught on to the concept." Em used to get pumped up to perform with "Lots of alcohol and lots of prescription medications" [watch here] "But now, it’s Diet Coke and Red Bull."

Eminem – Attacked By Bruno At The MTV Movie Awards

Eminem – We Made You / Crack A Bottle (MTV Movie Awards)


Eminem – Interview Backstage At The MTV Movie Awards