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Eminem & Jay-Z Talk About DJ Hero

Posted By on June 8, 2009

    Eminem recently sat down with Jay-Z to talk about the upcoming "DJ Hero" video game. [watch here] "I think there's a lot of kids who listen to hip-hop [and] buy video
games," Eminem says.  [watch here] "A lot of the same audience. It gives
the kids a chance to, kinda, get their feet wet with the deejaying
experience. Obviously it's a video game so it's not the actual thing,
but, it can give you a feel for what it's kinda like for kids or
whatever." [watch here]

    Eminem goes on to say if it was available when was a kid he would have got it. "If this game would have came out back when I was a kid, I
would have went to Target and stole it along with my pink 'Alf'
shirt…I think that this is kinda a way for kids, you know with Guitar
it's like challenging them to be able to play the songs and this
is kinda challenging the kids to become a deejay." [watch here]

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Eminem & Jay-Z Talk About DJ Hero Video Game