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8 Ball Says Eminem Is “At The Top” of Rap

Posted By on June 9, 2009

    Southern rapper 8 Ball recently talked about Eminem being one of the best rappers in the game saying "Eminem, is like rapping plain old off the head and then his ideas and
sh*t. He's definitely one of the cats at the top of the ['Rap Legend'] list; just his thought process. He still, off the top of the head, like
dude can still rap about a cup on the table and make it sound
interesting to a motherfucker you know what I'm sayin? And you know, he
holdin' it down."

    8 Ball continued by discussing his situation with Diddy and Bad Boy Entertainment. "Yeah, I mean with the Bad Boy situation, man, I think it just kind of ran its course with us, man," he explained. "I think there really wasn't no more that could happen for us [over there] or whatever. I think everybody just kind of came to a decision that it would be best if we all just kinda be on our own and just move, you know, that was the best thing for everybody."