Eminem’s Road To 8 Mile (Video)

Eminem’s Road To 8 Mile (Video)

     Eminem recently promoted the upcoming Red Bull Emsee "The Road To 8 Mile," a freestyle battle of sight and sound. Hosted by Shade 45's Angie Yee, the event is an innovative MC battle respecting the tried and true form of rap competition while highlighting the modern freestyle spirit. The "Recovery" rapper talks about being a battle rapper in Detroit and trying to make it in the music industry. Check out the rare story telling by the rap superstar along with a bonus performance of "Not Afraid" while he was in Europe.

Eminem – Talks Being Battle MC For RedBull EmSee Battle



Eminem – Performs "Not Afraid" At BBC Live


Call Of Duty: Black Ops feat. "Won't Back Down"


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