Eminem’s Recovery Infomercial (FULL)

Eminem’s Recovery Infomercial (FULL)

     Eminem's new "Recovery" album is some funny
promotion especially with the latest spoof informercial by the Vince,
the ShamWoW guy, as he does an ad for the new album. Check out the full TWO minute clip, instead of the 30 second teaser from earlier in the week.

     In related news, check out the advertisement for the new "Call Of
Duty: Black Ops" video game which features Eminem's "Wont Back
Down" along with Eminem's recent performance with Rihanna
at the Activision event below.

Eminem – The ShamWow Guys Does An Ad For Recovery Album (FULL)



Call Of Duty: Black Ops feat. "Won't Back Down"


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