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Eminem Talks His Recovery & Jay-Z (Video)

Posted By on June 21, 2010

     Eminem's new "Recovery" album hits stores today and the Grammy-Award winning rapper recently talked about his actual recovery process and even speaks on his relationship with fellow rapper, Jay-Z. "I was running a lot to the point you could see my addict behavior poking through. I got up to 17 miles a day. I was treading the mill and my body started hurting and I couldn't figure out why and then I kinda put two and two together. So I chill out a little bit…[Me and Jay] talk on the phone occasionally and things like that, so," Em told television personality Clinton Sparks. "We don't discuss music or anything like that, because that would be stupid. [I call him and say,] 'Jay what's up? It's really nice.' Something [casual]…I want to be remembered as a fashion icon because man, do I know how to f*cking dress."

     Bonus: Check out Eminem on E!'s "The Soup" below!

Eminem – Talks About His Recovery, Talks Jay-Z



Eminem – On E!'s "The Soup"